J. Anthony Rose President & CEO

J. Anthony Rose
President & CEO

“As a publicly owned facility, we serve as a critical safety net for the people in the Catawba Valley region. While all hospitals must meet minimum governmental and other regulatory requirements, we continually try to raise the bar. We are extremely proud of our nursing program and their achieving Magnet Hospital status not once, but four times! We have built an organizational culture that includes nurses in decisions and encourages and financially supports ongoing education and specialty training. We would not have been able to create this culture without the support of our Board of Trustees, who recognized long ago that a high ratio of registered nurses has a direct impact on quality. When more than half of our expenses are salaries and benefits and when other health care facilities are cutting costs by reducing the number of registered nurses, we have chosen to invest in a nursing program that is 80% registered nurses. We continually see the positive results of that commitment.”

Edward L. Beard, Jr., DNP, RN, NEA-BC
COO and Chief Nursing Officer

“Our nursing care model was originally developed in the mid-1970s. It began as a pilot study on our OB/GYN unit and was one of the first programs of its kind in North Carolina. Although some elements have changed, the basic tenets of that model are still intact hospital-wide. Now primary nurses are called “Patient Care Coordinators” or “Patient Care Managers” and although they may not be delivering all aspects of the patient’s care, the same nurses are coordinating and overseeing the care. We have evolved, but our focus remains on ensuring continuity of caregivers – the most important part of the primary care model. In 2001, we became only the second facility in North Carolina and the 32nd in the nation to receive designation as a Magnet hospital. Subsequent Magnet recognition was earned in 2005 (second designation), 2010 (third designation) and most recently in 2014 for our fourth designation.  Achieving Magnet hospital designation is a journey – a journey focused on continuously improving the quality and capabilities and level of professional nursing. Our first designation was an incredible achievement. Achieving designation three more times was even harder. We continue to strive to maintain the Magnet standards and are working towards our next designation in the fall of 2018.   By raising our expectations of ourselves every single day, our patients benefit. They deserve no less from us.”

CVMC Nursing Vision

The nursing vision of Catawba Valley Medical Center is to be nationally recognized for the achievement of excellence in professional nursing practice within a community hospital setting.

CVMC Nursing Mission
The nursing mission is to support the mission of Catawba Valley Medical Center through commitment to the science and art of professional nursing practice.