2009 Annual Report


Edward L. Beard, Jr., RN MSN, NEA-BC
Senior Vice President Patient Care Services

I am extremely heartened to be able to report on the positive achievements in nursing at CVMC especially given the difficult times we find ourselves in. While we have issues to address in our organization, by all indications, we are moving forward and making improvements in patient outcomes.

There is sometimes a perception that smaller, community based hospitals aren’t able to accomplish what the big academic facilities can. CVMC nurses have disproved this notion by embracing research and evidence based practice as the foundation for our nursing practice.
I admit that this was a bit unnerving for some of us at first. Most of the nursing staff had not been educated as researchers and it may have been a while since any of us approached the idea of actually conducting a formal research project. CVMC nurses have shown that by doing what they do best – caring for patients and highlighting clinical issues that need to be addressed – they can work together to bring about innovative improvements to processes that are implemented not only in our facility but worldwide.
The proof of this success? Last year, almost 20% of staff nurses participated in clinical research. CVMC nurse researchers have won four national awards for poster presentations and publications in less than four years.   This research participation was also essential in obtaining our third Magnet Designation, something that only 29 other hospitals in the United States had accomplished at the time of our re-designation.
Other good things we are doing—
We’ve increased the implementation of the professional nursing model into all aspects of our nursing practice by increasing the respect, regard and value for the Science of Nursing, the Art of Nursing, and Patient Perspective. By embracing these ideals, we’re constantly improving things for ourselves and our patients in ways that might not otherwise occur.
It’s seldom that an administrator gets to turn away volunteers for a program, but that’s exactly what happened with regard to nurses participating in the ethics advisory council. The overwhelming response just shows how concerned the nurses are for the well being of not only our patients and their families but also for their coworkers. We deal with situations daily where there is no clear “right” or “wrong”. By being willing to participate in forums to work through those types of situations, our nurses continue to contribute to the quality of life in our facility and our community.
Certification rates are at 49% overall for all CVMC RN’s (full-time and part-time) and 43% for direct care RN’s. This is well above the national averages for Magnet facilities and the rate continues to rise as more nurses accept the challenge to prepare and take national specialty certification exams.
CVMC and our community are facing some tough times economically. Events will require us to think more innovatively and make some hard decisions. I know that by working together with the same dedication and energy that we’ve shown in the past, we’ll be able to overcome whatever hurdles may appear and continue to provide the best possible patient care.
Thank you for your efforts, your energy, and your enthusiasm! It is an honor to continue to work with each of you and I know we will move forward with improving nursing practice at CVMC in the coming year.