The first annual reporting of the accomplishments of Catawba Valley Medical Center nurses was included in a special 40th anniversary report for the medical center.  The nursing section titled “Nursing at CVMC * A Commitment to Excellence” — is found on pages 10-13.

The 2008 Nursing Annual Report is the first dedicated report of the accomplishments of CVMC nurses during 2008.  The web-based report is called, “Using the Art & Science of Nursing for Our Patients.”

Since that original Nursing Annual Report of 2008, every year employees, staff and the community have the opportunity to read about the activities, events, and accomplishments of nursing at CVMC. The content of the Nursing Annual Report is outlined using the components of the CVMC Nursing Professional Practice Model (using the Art and Science for Patients) as well as the organization’s strategic pillars.

2012 Nursing Annual Report Crossword Puzzle

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Once completed, date the crossword puzzle and return it to Nadin Knippschild (in OL) by no later than 7/31/2013.

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