Pledge to Professionalism – Nursing Bylaws

by Adina Andreu, MS, CNM, RN, NEA-BC

On November 5, 2012 the Catawba Valley Medical Center (CVMC) Nurse Practice Council (NPC) approved the first ever CVMC Nursing Bylaws. Raising the bar in the pursuit of nursing excellence at CVMC is in our hands!

This marks yet another milestone in our nursing professionalism journey. The nursing bylaws provide a framework for professional nursing practice, delineate the role of the registered nurse in the delivery of care, describe nursing’s governance structure, and articulate the accountability of the professional nursing staff within a shared decision-making model.

Nursing is a professional practice discipline existing to provide care to patients, their families and/or communities served. Professional nursing practice is defined by, but not limited to the NC Nurse Practice Act, ANA Code of Professional Practice, Nursing’s Social Policy Statement, ANA Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, ANA Scope and Standards for Nurse Administrators, as well as various other organizational practice standards. The nursing bylaws incorporates all these standards along with CVMC’s nursing mission and vision and the nursing professional practice model into one framework of accountability for CVMC’s nurses.Nursing_Bylaws

Having such a structure to support and guide CVMC nurses establishes an environment that empowers nurses to be autonomous; making independent clinical decisions in the nursing sphere of practice and interdependent decisions in those spheres were nursing overlaps with other disciplines.

“CVMC nurses have adopted new nursing bylaws to affirm our commitment to nursing excellence.  The nursing bylaws set professional standards for nurses, promote accountability, shared decision making, and the elements necessary to facilitate excellence in outcomes for those we care for. The pursuit of excellence is challenging, requiring a cohesive voice and effort. The nursing bylaws were created by nurses, for nurses, to provide support, direction, and guidelines to unify CVMC nurses in a common goal; Excellence!” states Debbie Martin, BSN, RN-BC, chair Nurse Practice Council.

The bylaws are available to all nurses on the CVMC Intranet under the Nursing tab or by following this link.

As with CVMC’s Nursing Professional Practice Model, the Nurse Practice Council will continue to review the bylaws on a regular basis to assure that the document remains current and relevant.