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“Mission Trip” to the Philippines – Lita Miller

CVMC Cancer Center/ Infusion Therapy Shared Governance Project Philippine Mission Trip- By: Lita Miller, RN Last October 2010, I decided to visit my family in the Philippines. My dad, 79 years of age, is a missionary in the beautiful mountains of

Spotlight – Medical Unit Specialty Certification

  In 2010, CVMC has seen a large number of direct and in-direct care nurses obtain certifactions in their areas of specialty. One of the units that was able to make huge strides by increasing the percentage rate of direct care RN’s that have obtained

Nursing Certification: Mission Successful

Specialty nursing certification signifies one’s commitment to career development and dedication to the constantly changing environment of healthcare. Research has shown that the knowledge gained through obtaining and maintaining specialty certifications not only benefits nurses but also benefits patients, families,

Magnet Re-Designation

  Some may think Magnet recognition is just an “award” but for CVMC leadership it represents something much greater! Magnet is an external confirmation of our excellence in nursing and a statement to the fact of our commitment of this