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Nursing Story – Exemplar

Seeing the Whole Picture By Betty Easter (RN, CPAN) Our nursing education prepares us to understand the anatomy, physiology, and hemodynamic findings of various diseases and illnesses. Signs, symptoms, treatments and expected outcomes are all learned. The effects and side

Green Team at CVMC

CVMC’s ‘Green Team’ For several years, the Green Team has led efforts to facilitate the organization’s move toward adopting environmentally friendly ways. Membership of the team consists of individuals of a myriad of department such as Plant Operations, Facilities Management,

‘Purple Heart’ in the CCU/Telemetry

Natalie Johnson, chair of the CCU/Telemetry Shared Governance Council states, “one of our major accomplishments for 2010 was the development and implementation of the Purple Heart Bundle”. The nurses on the 5th floor saw a need to evaluate how we serve

Bedside Report on the Medical Unit

   A Patient Centered Approach to Hand-off By the Medical Shared Governance Council with the support of Lisa Wike (author) Ineffective communication between health care workers may lead to patient safety issues and dissatisfied customers. Hospitalized patients, along with family members,

Surgical Suite Renovation

CVMC adds ‘state of the art’ new Operating Rooms   The initial planning for the surgical suite renovation began in December 2007. The new surgical suite rooms will range in size from 570 square feet to 840 square feet. Not