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Journey from RN to APN

Did you know that … …  Jane Edwards likes to collect sea glass when at the beach and get’s in trouble when reading all night? …  Tina Eckard likes to de-stress by curling up with her iPad, going to the spa,

Meet CVMC’s Magnet Council

Meet the Newly Formed Magnet Council The Magnet Council is a new council that was established in April of 2011. Nurses participating as members of the Magnet Council serve as an integral part of the organization-wide effort to maintain the

Nursing Degree Advancement in 2011

Academic Milestones Several CVMC nurses achieved degree advancements throughout the calendar year 2011. We celebrated 37 graduates of which almost 85% attained baccalaureate (65%) or postgraduate degrees (19%). This phenomenal commitment to higher education can only be commanded and is a true testimony to each individual’s pledge

Nurses Certified in 2011

Look who got certified in 2011 As in previous years, CVMC nurses demonstrated their commitment to professional nursing by pursuing speciality certifications. The rates for direct care staff employed on a full-time or part-time basis has continually risen at CVMC from 36%

Nursing Peer Review – A reflection of the year past

The Nursing Peer Review Council celebrated its first year of activities. The team reviewed six cases from six different clinical departments. Nurses were evaluated using the Just Culture investigation process followed by the application of the Just Culture algorithm.

Nursing Story

A Story written by a Nurse about her Personal Experience! By Christine Bowman, BSN, RNC-NIC (Special Care Nursery) Chris, as most of her peers call her, shares how nurses and the profession of nursing made a difference in her ‘personal