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Provider of Choice – Pavilion Countdown

‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ Although building a pavilion instead of raising a child, everyone involved in the construction or planning committees can nonetheless attest to the truth that lies in this familiar saying.  As  the building itself took

Community Catalyst – Academic Involvements

CVMC serves the community in a myriad of ways beyond merely providing care to the surrounding county’s residents. As an organization, CVMC is actively engaged in and interacts with the community. An example of such is CVMC’s presence in education and academia. From

Nursing’s Strategic Plan

“With a clever strategy, each action is self-reinforcing. Each action creates more options that are mutually beneficial. Each victory is not just for today but for tomorrow.” ? Max McKeown     A Strategic Plan is as a systematic and

ANCC Magnet Journey

Where We Are and Our History Explored? January 2010, CVMC was awarded with its third designation for Magnet Recognition. Since that time, our journey to sustaining excellence in nursing continued with efforts ‘behind the scenes’. CVMC continues to focus on continually evaluating existing structures and processes, as

Financial Vitality – Technology & Financial Platform

Patient Satisfaction and Quality 2012 by Lisa Wike, MSN, RN-BC   Patient satisfaction is a top priority at CVMC and plays a key role in quality measurement. Our goal is to provide each patient with a positive hospital experience that

Community Catalyst – Programs

HealthFirst Center Community Ambassadors for CVMC by Ginger Biggerstaff, MSN, RN, NEA-BC Health First Center exists to support community health promotions through screenings, age- appropriate programming, education and support services. The Center serves as resource to surrounding county residents, employees

Provider of Choice – Patients

Building on Tradition, Caring for Your Future Throughout the years, CVMC has earned its reputation as superior healthcare provider for the residents of the unifour area and surrounding counties. When patients seek CVMC for their healthcare needs, they can expert