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Hooked On Research

At CVMC, the Department for Research and Evidence-Based Practice encourages and supports various ongoing projects that began because of YOUR ideas and YOUR desire to improve care and promote better outcomes. Often simply asking ‘Why’ is getting the ball rolling.

Nursing Exemplar – Holistic Care

Exemplar by Kimberly Weaver, BSN, RN, OCN You may remember reading about Kimberly’s nomination as one of the CURE Extraordinary Healers in last year’s nursing annual report. This time around, Kim shares her perspective and allows readers to experience the nursing

Countdown to A New EHRa

Nurses Actively Involved in Implementation of new EHR by Kenny Whiteside, BSN, RN When Catawba Valley Medical Center determined in 2010 that it was time to upgrade our Meditech “Magic” system to the newly developed and much more advanced 6.0 platform, it

New Practice – Code Stroke & The Stroke Coordinator

by Angela Whisenant, BSN, RN Stroke Program Coordinator What is a Stroke Coordinator? The Stroke Coordinator spearheads efforts to establish and operate a Primary Stroke Center (PCS).  The individual works to overcome barriers and gains support from each area involved

Shared Decision-Making in 2012

Shared Governance – A Meeting to Attend or a Philosophy of Practice Ownership to Live? Nursing practice is impacted and guided by a multitude of sources ranging from regulatory guidelines and professional/workplace standards to best practice and research. Further influencing

Research & Evidence-Based Practice

by Dr. Rebecca Tart Director Department for Research & Evidence-Based Practice Albert Szent-Györgyi on discovery … “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” There is a bit of discovery in evidence-based practice

Ensuring CVMC Isn’t ‘Falling Behind’ on Falls

CVMC Falls Team by Adina Andreu, MS, CNM, RN, NEA-BC The Catawba Valley Medical Center Falls Team is made up of very committed clinical unit representatives that work to identify strategies to reduce patient/visitor falls within our organization. During monthly