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Skin Care Committee Spotlight

The Skin Care Committee, under the leadership of Trudy Huey, MSN, RN, WOCN, is a long-standing committee at CVMC. Skin is one of the body’s most important natural defenses against disease and providing optimal skin care has been a nursing issue

Technology Update

The world of technology is constantly evolving and the technology at CVMC is no exception. In 2009, technology projects included updates to the nursing admission database, creation of a barcode technology strategy, improved wound documentation, and enhancements to the operating

Shared Governance Council Reports

In 2009, the Shared Governance structure at Catawba Valley Medical Center continued to evolve. The Nurse Executive Council worked in conjunction with the Nurse Practice Council to formulate a structure that will have oversight of nursing practice with a focus

Evidence-Based Practice & Research

CVMC’s Research and Evidence-Based Practice Program seeks to advance clinical decision making through research and EBP, and to aid in transforming the practice environment to improve patient outcomes. Highlights from 2009 are described below. Three rapid response team (RRT) calls occurred

Nursing Intranet Link Enhancement

Nursing Intranet Link Enhancement 2009 brought changes to the CVMC Intranet page with a new design to make the site more user-friendly. With these changes, the Nursing link was also restructured.