CURE Extraordinary Healer Award

What is the Extraordinary Healer Award?

Each year CURE gives readers a unique opportunity to honor an oncology nurse through the Extraordinary Healer Award for Oncology Nursing, describing the compassion, expertise, and helpfulness that a special oncology nurse has exhibited.

Kimberly Weaver, BSN, RN, OCN is one of those remarkable caregivers! Kim cares for patients at our CVMC Outpatient Infusion Center. Many of the patients Kim and her fellow nurses meet are faced with devastating health issues and may literally be ‘fighting’ the most difficult battle of their lives. The kindness, knowledge, and care that Kim offers surpass the classic roles of patient and nurse.


Kim touched one of her patients so profoundly that she was nominated as an Extraordinary Healer in 2011. 


According to Kim’s Director, Melanie Lutz, BSN, RN, OCN, “Kim exemplifies Magnet nursing in every way. I am so pleased for her to be recognized in such a wonderful way.” Kim’s patient emphasizes “… Kim Weaver helped to transform me from a patient dying of cancer to a woman living with metastatic breast disease.” She further notes, “Healing involves affirming the very life and humanity of the patient, the person. Kim in more than just my nurse; she is my wonderful friend on this perilous journey” (patient quote).


Do not miss the opportunity to read the incredible and touching Essay Kim’s patient wrote as part of the CURE Extraordinary Healer Award nomination process. click here to read essay.