Employer of Choice – PEP Participation 2011

The Professional Enrichment (PEP) Program was first developed in 2006 for direct care staff participation only. Since the program’s inception, PEP has continuously evolved offering direct care staff as well as leadership staff the opportunity to participate in activities within the organization and in the community. The PEP activities are aligned with the framework of our CVMC Professional Nursing Practice Model and its three pyramid-levels (The Science of Nursing; The Art of Nursing; The Patient Perspective). 


The activities staff may partake change every year to provide variety and to continually “raise the bar” in encouraging professional development. The changes to each year’s PEP application and the PEP policy are established by the CMVC PEP Council, which consists of direct care nurses and nursing leaders. 

PEP Council members:
Miriam Jolly, Chair
Monique Robinson
Sheila Stephens
Brandy Denton
Laura DeBoer
Sherry Hardee
Ann Moore
Tracy Bombenger
Adina Andreu, Facilitator

In 2011, the PEP Council again reviewed and revised elements on the PEP application and the PEP policy to continually raise the level of excellence of CVMC nursing. In addition, the council offered two PEP exemplar writing workshops to provide staff with the tools to successfully complete their PEP portfolios. They also distribute the PEP “Tip of the Month” via e-mail to alert staff of possible PEP opportunities, important dates, and so forth. The PEP council also developed a PEP Portfolio checklist for staff use to ensure they have all required elements to receive maximum credit for the completed activities.

To view the latest PEP application as well as other PEP related forms, click the following link: http://intranet.catawbavalleymc.org/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&id=340&Itemid=688