Hooked On Research


Hear from some of your peers that are “Hooked on Research”

Over the years, many of your peers have conducted research and evidence-based practice (EBP) projects with the support of the CVMC Department for Research and Evidence-Based Practice. In 2011, three newly formed research/EBP Point-of-Care Teams embarked on their journey to improving practice in their specialty areas. Hear from some team members about their experiences!


The teams represent various areas of specialty, such psychiatry services, the surgical/secure care unit and the orthopedics unit. The teams predominantly consist of direct care providers, but they are also supported by their leadership. To ensure the teams’ success, a ‘research mentor’ helps the teams navigate through the process of their scientific inquiry.

The newly formed teams are as follows:
1. The Surgical and Secure Care units are setting out to determine if a NIZ (No Interruption Zone) during the medication administration process will decrease nurses interruptions/distractions and medication events.
2. The Ortho/Neuro Team’s project relates to a postsurgical pain education program. The team aims to evaluate an educational program (DVD), provided pre-operatively to patients undergoing surgery, that addresses pain management, including traditional methods of pain control as well as alternative methods of relaxation/diversion.
3. The team from the Psychiatry unit is appraising an exercise program for their patient population. The purpose is to evaluate the role exercise/stress reduction group activities play in decreasing adult psychiatric and substance abuse inpatient falls, code grays and use of restraints.

So what do the “hooked” team members have to say about their experience so far? 

New Point-of-Care Team – Psychiatry Services.

Caitlin Mann (BSN, RN) states, “I am looking forward to going through the research process for the first time and enhancing patient care on the psychiatric unit.” Another team member notes, “I am interested in working through the research process and learning how the research process is done and answer the question “How will exercise help our psychiatric patients to reduce anxiety?  Hopefully [the research will] reduce the use of/need for PRN medications.” (Freda Glenn, RN).  Janine Jolly (BSN, RN) is a member of CVMC’s Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council and comments, “I have been involved in several research studies, but only on the clinical side.  I amSquire_Amy1 eager to see how a research project is developed from conception.”


To hear from Amy Squire, BSN, RN-ONC, click below.



New Point-of-Care Team – Surgical and Secure Care units (NIZ)

Here are some experiences the team shared. Debra Martin (RN-BC) stresses, “EBP and/or Research [is] a valuable learning experience. We are in the initial stages of this project; literature searches, review and appraisal of articles. However active participation has stimulated my excitement for EBP and reinforced basic concepts I discovered in the “Let’s Get Cooking with EBP” class. I am now more aware of the importance of EBP as a professional method of problem solving.” Amanda Gaddy (BSN, RN-BC), Director Surgical/Ortho/Neuro emphasizes, “The process has helped to shape and formalize our shared governance group. It has given our group direction in EBP and research while enhancing shared governance. Lisa Wike and Dr. Tart have presented the information in a way that has not overwhelmed me (us) and we have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. The number of classes provided to the organization and one-on-one sessions with our group have placed EBP and research within reach for our group.” Persida Popan (RN, ONC) has been a nurse since 2006 and states, “I think it helps us to understand the EBP process, the EBP classes have helped with searching the literature and appraising the literature. This process is going to take time and it’s a group effort.” Casey Mueller (BSN, RN, ONC) concludes, “We have learned a lot about the EBP process and what big impact we can have on nursing practice here at CVMC.”



To hear what Debbie Martin, RN-C has to say about Research and Evidence-Based Practice, listen below: 





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