Meet CVMC’s Magnet Council

Meet the Newly Formed Magnet Council

MagnetLogo-TransparentThe Magnet Council is a new council that was established in April of 2011. Nurses participating as members of the Magnet Council serve as an integral part of the organization-wide effort to maintain the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition. The Magnet Council Captains are knowledgeable regarding Magnet and are an articulate spokesperson to excite, educate and motivate CVMC staff on its continuing Magnet journey.

What is a ‘Magnet Captain’

Magnet Captains are direct-care nurses who have been identified as outstanding role models of professional nursing. In addition, they demonstrate a commitment to strengthening the climate for professional practice with the ability and willingness to dedicate time, energy, and talent to support the strategic goals of the hospital and their department and to assist in maintaining designation as an ANCC Magnet Hospital.

A Magnet Captain’s role may include but is not limited to: promoting empirical outcomes at the unit level, serving as liaisons to the nursing staff and working collaboratively with nursing leadership, answering staff questions regarding our Magnet journey, reporting staff feedback to the Magnet Council for discussion and/or action, providing creative ideas to the Magnet Council regarding communication and activities that will work best on individual units/departments, educating all staff on Magnet model (includes nursing staff, physicians, administrative assistants, secretaries and ancillary staff), aiding in the collection and sharing of Magnet stories, reviewing portions of the Magnet document, showcasing their department’s best practices, initiatives and innovations, attending Magnet Captain meetings and actively participating in discussions and projects, and acting as a mentor for future Magnet Captains.

Who are the Magnet Captains?

Currently there are twenty-one (21) Magnet Captains that constitute the Magnet Council. These Magnet Captains repersent a variety of professional areas. They are supported in their pursuit of disseminating CVMC’s ‘Magnet Message’ by Matthew Carswell, MSN, RN and Miriam Jolly, MSN, RN, NE-A.



Michelle Keys Settlemyre Psychiatry
Heather Lindsey Psychiatry
Mary Burns Secure Care
Deanna Griffie Oncology
Pandora Dula Surgical
Jennifer Plummer Whitener CCU
Amber Hice Telemerty
Amanda Walker Ortho/Neuro
Nancy Muehling Medical
Shelly Benfield Birthing Center
Alycia Hughes Birthing Center
Tara Paterno Pediatrics
Aime Whittington Special Care Nursery
Kathey Hutchins PACU
Melissa Shoupe Day Surgery
Alisa Herman OR
Paul Packard Anesthesia
Jessica LinebargerMichelle Tomlin ED/Express Care
Melissa Goad Radiology
Sabrina Williams Fairgrove Primary Health


What do the Magent Captains say about the new Magnet Council? Here are a few comments from you peers:


Sabrina Williams, RN states “I like serving on the Magnet Council because it allows me to stay updated on how we compare to other Magnet Hospitals with regard to advanced degrees, nursing certifications, and nursing practice as well as nursing research.  Serving on the council also allows me to stay in touch with what is happening with nursing practice in the inpatient and outpatient service areas since I practice in an off-site setting.  Serving as a Magnet council member also allows me to collaborate with individuals who practice on-site and bring their ideas for improving practice back to the nurses in our clinic.”

Tara Paterno, RN states “Being involved in the Magnet Council, I feel that I am one step ahead of making improvements for CVMC.  I enjoy the people that are involved in the council and feel that we work great as a team!”

“Being a part of the council means to me having the opportunity to be the voice for my department, to allow us as a department to learn, grow, be involved and keep the department updated. It gives me the opportunity to learn what magnet is about and stands for. As a nurse it’s an honor.” Michelle Tomlin, RN
magnetobelisksbrentAccording to Heather Lindsey, RN, “Being a member of the CVMC’s Magnet Council is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to learn about the many accomplishments and innovations occurring on all units, throughout the hospital. It also allows me to take this information back to my peers so that everyone is up to date on what is occurring at CVMC and reinforce why CVMC is such a wonderful hospital to work for.”

Paul Packard, CRNA, states “The Magnet Council provides a venue to facilitate interdepartmental communication regarding process improvements, quality initiatives, and other outcome measures as viewed or implemented by front-line staff. It also provides reciprocal communication to front-line staff in an effort to promote understanding of the Magnet Certification process, thereby creating improved staff buy-in and continuing on the path toward excellence.”

Accomplishments in 2011

    • Established structure of the council; meet quarterly
    • Council members receiving education on Magnet to disseminate Magnet information and help staff at unit level understand Magnet Concepts
    • Council members are reporting on innovations on respective units
    • Represent Magnet Captain Council interests and visions by joining and participating in the hospital-wide Nurse Practice Council (Amanda Walker selected as representative)


Talk to your department’s Magnet Captain and find out more about Magnet designation as we are preparing to show once again that we turly ARE a Magnet Hospital not only on paper but in spirit as we approach re-designation in 2014.