ANCC Magnet Journey

Where We Are and Our History Explored?

Magnet_Model_GraphicJanuary 2010, CVMC was awarded with its third designation for Magnet Recognition. Since that time, our journey to sustaining excellence in nursing continued with efforts ‘behind the scenes’. CVMC continues to focus on continually evaluating existing structures and processes, as well as implementing new processes to improve patient, nurse, organizational, and community outcomes.


2012 brings CVMC nurses to the challenge of re-designation as a Magnet Hospital in 2014. This will be our 4th designation…very much a rarity nationally and internationally. We will begin our preparation to write the document for submission in February 2014. Much focus from Magnet and other agencies that expect excellence in patient care is on outcomes. Clinical, satisfaction, financial, professional development and safety outcomes for both patients and nurses is top priority. Data must be used to “prove” our delivery of excellence and our structures and processes must be grounded in research and evidence. Magnet designation sets us apart from other hospitals and is a method to continuously push us to strive harder for improvements.

Magnet is not about what we do; it’s about who we are!
Become involved, get connected, increase your knowledge, and focus on excellence in patient care. You are a Magnet Nurse!!

About CVMC and Magnet 


First-time designation as 32nd Magnet organization in the nation.
CVMC was the 2nd Magnet facility in NC and the first community hospital in the state to obtain this recognition. 


Received 1st re-designation as a magnet facility



Received 2nd re-designation as a magnet facility (Three-time Mangent Recipient)


January 2013

Application for 3rd re-designation due for submission


January 2014

Final Magnet Document Due for submission to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)

Did you know?

As of early 2013, approximately 6.9% of ALL registered hospital in the US have achieved ANCC Magnet Recognition status.  There are currently 391 Magnet hospitals in the United States.  Internationally there are Magnet facilities in Lebanon (1), Singapore (1) and Australia (2).

Magnet status is not a prize or an award; Magnet status is a credential of organizational recognition of nursing excellence.