Commitment to Excellence – Newly Certified Nurses 2012

Every year, several nurses embody nursing excellence by obtaining nursing speciality certifications and 2012 was no exception to this historic trend at CVMC. In 2008, about one in every three full or part-time direct care nurses were certified. Two years later, every other nurse held a specialty certification. Throughout 2012, another 44 CVMC nurses demonstrated their clinical expertise by obtaining specialty certification raising the rate of certified direct care nurses to a staggering 66.9% (Table 2). In comparison, like-size Magnet facilities show certification rates averaging 35.1% further highlighting the level of professionalism exemplified by CVMC nurses.

In addition to the number and percentage of nurses certified, the year past also confirmed that the desire to attain the expert level knowledge needed to obtain certification is not only seen in isolated areas but rather throughout the entire organization (Table 1). This wide spread culture is yet another testimony of the professional nursing culture at CVMC. The table below shows, CCU nurses lead the way in obtaining specialty certifications along with nursing leadership.

To view a list of the individual that were newly certified in 2012, click here.

Table 1     –  Nurses Newly Certified in 2012 by Work Area



 Table 2   –  CVMC Certification Rates and Goals 2010 – 2012