Nursing Degree Advancement in 2009

 As with certification rates, CVMC nurses continued to pursue advanced education in 2009. At the end of 2008, 38% of direct care staff employed on a full-time or part-time basis had a degree of BSN or higher. By the end of 2009, this rate had risen to 42%. 

The following nurses received degree advancements in 2009:

Name Degree Department / Unit
Mike Helton BSN Patient Care Information Systems
Hayley Richards BSN Medical
Kimberly Parker ADN* Medical
Mary Goodson ADN* Medical
Amanda Templeton ADN** Medical
Rose Cook BSN Ortho-Neuro
Kelly Yang BSN Ortho-Neuro
Rachel Nadeau ADN* Ortho-Neuro
April Williams BSN CCU
Tammy Killian BSN CCU
Nasin See ADN* Oncology
Judy Parker ADN* Oncology
Terill Davis-Coulter BSN Oncology
Jessica Baez ADN* Surgical
Nadin Knippschild BSN Surgical
Landon Marshall ADN* Telemetry
Jennifer Plummer BSN* Telemetry
Courtney Robinson BSN* Birthing Center
Emili Yount ADN* Birthing Center
Leah Kitrell ADN* Birthing Center
Stephanie Gilliam BSN Birthing Center
Holly Freeman BSN Level I Nursery
Rachel Porter ADN* Level I Nursery
Michelle Safriet ADN* Level I Nursery

*previous NA
**previous LPN