Nursing Degree Advancement in 2010

As with certification rates, CVMC nurses continued to pursue advanced education in 2010. At the end of 2008, 38% of staff employed on a full-time or part-time basis were prepared at the baccalaureate level. By the end of 2009, this rate had risen to 42% and further increased to 43% throughout 2010. Additionally, 9% of CMVC staff hold Masters degrees with many more currently enrolled in graduate degree programs. This consistant pursuit of advanced education of CVMC employees is a testimony to their commitment to excellence in nursing!

The following nurses received degree advancements in 2010:

Name Degree Department / Unit
Jane Edwards Doctoral (NP) Hospitalist
Lesley Loder Doctoral (NP) Hospitalist
Kathryn Zook MSN (FNP) Birthing Center
Crystall Chapman MSN Organizational Learning
Janet Travison MSN Patient Care Services
Greg Billings MSN Psychiatry
Amy Barnes MSN/MHA Secure Care
Kimberly Rudisill BSN** Operating Room
Meagan Hanrahan BSN** Operating Room
Holly Connor BSN** Operating Room
Michele McGlamery MSN Operating Room
Denise Stiles BSN** Day Surgery
Louanne Fitzgerald BSN** Day Surgery
Jennifer Hawk BSN** PACU
Vickie Marlowe MSN PACU
Penny Kale BSN** PACU
Natalie Bowman BSN** Emergency Department
Veronica Johnson BSN** Emergency Department
Lisa Chambers BSN** Emergency Department
Hannah Friday ADN* Emergency Department
Misty Shane BSN** Level 1 Nursery
Michelle Duckworth BSN** Birthing Center
Rachel Pitts BSN** Birthing Center
Cynthia Huffman BSN** Pediatrics
Anne Walker BSN** Pediatrics
Natalie Johnson BSN** CCU
Kelly Poovey BSN** CCU
Stacy Burleson BSN** CCU
Angela Whisnant BSN** Telemetry
Karen Fox BSN** Telemetry
Rebecca Schell BSN** Ortho/Neuro
Amy Squire BSN** Ortho/Neuro
Lynne Crump BSN** Inpatient Rehab
Eric Ferguson ADN* Inpatient Rehab
Carla Keaton BSN** Oncology
Joelle Calloway BSN** Medical
Erica Page BSN** Medical
Karen Whitworth ADN* Medical
Jamie Bumgarner ADN* Surgical
Emily Gray ADN* Surgical
Victoria Bridges BSN** Psychiatry


*previous NA      **previous ADN