2012 Academic Nursing Advancements

“What sculpture is to a block of marble education is to the human soul.”  Joseph Addison

CVMC_GraduatesSeveral CVMC nurses achieved degree advancements throughout the calendar year 2012. We celebrated 28 graduates of which half obtained baccalaureate (50%) degrees and more than one third (36%) completed postgraduate degrees.

This phenomenal commitment to higher education can only be commanded and certainly is proof of each individual’s pledge to professional and personal excellence!  

Distribution of Degree Advancements in 2012


Of the 28 graduates in 2012, half (n=14) earned a Baccalaureate and 25% (n=7) were at the graduate level with 18% (n=5) Master of Science of Nursing. Three individuals (11%) earned doctoral degrees in Nursing.

How Did We Measure Up in 2012?


Similar to the goals set for certification rates, the percentage of direct care nurses that earned advanced degrees has consistently risen over the last few years from 50% in 2010 to 53.3% in 2012.
CVMC nurses lead the way in pursuing higher education and outperformed similar size Magnet facilities (47.4% BSN & 4.2% graduate nurses).


Presenting the Class of 2012

To view the list of 2012 graduates, click here.