Nursing’s Strategic Plan

“With a clever strategy, each action is self-reinforcing. Each action creates more options that are mutually beneficial. Each victory is not just for today but for tomorrow.” ? Max McKeown


A Strategic Plan is as a systematic and dynamic process of envisioning an organization’s desired future and translating that vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. Every year this crucial vision is devised by CVMC’s Executive Leadership and the Board of Trustees in collaboration with other CVMC leaders. The organization’s strategic plan then serves as the foundation for the Nursing Strategic Plan or nursing’s contribution to the overall success of CVMC.

To remain competitive in this ever-changing healthcare arena, it is imperative for organizations to engage in strategic planning that includes all facets of the organization in context of its unique setting that is congruent with its mission and vision. Communities and their needs vary greatly, as do organizations’ missions, visions, philosophies, and resource constraints. Consequently, a successful strategic plan has to be ‘custom build’.

CVMC’s Strategic Plan serves a dynamic a directional document that guides future opportunities while providing a mechanism to continually review and ensure organizational excellence. The CVMC Nursing Strategic Plan entails four strategic drivers – Patient, People, Programs, and Technology & Financial Platforms. The CVMC Professional Nursing Practice Model drives the work of nurses in all nursing activities consistent with CVMC’s mission and vision and is centered around the Science of Nursing, the Art of Nursing, and the Patient Perspective.

To view more details about the nursing strategic plan including the latest updates, follow this link.