Nursing’s Strategic Plan

Check out CVMC’s Nursing Strategic Plan


A Strategic Plan can generally be defined as a systematic and dynamic process of envisioning an organization’s desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. At CVMC, Executive Leadership and the CVMC Board of Trustees in collaboration with other CVMC leaders develop the strategic plan for the organization annually.


This strategic plan consists of four overarching strategic goals or drivers that are aimed to ensure CVMC’s continued succes. The startegic goals/drivers are:

  • Provider of Choice,
  • Employer of Choice,
  • Community Catalyst,
  • Financial Catalyst.

Within each of the goals/drivers, strategies are devised with various objectives and tactics to achieve the overall goal of being, for example. the Provider of Choice.  

To see the vision, drivers, and goals for Nursing at CVMC take a look at the Nursing Strategic Plan.