Surgical Suite Renovation

CVMC adds ‘state of the art’ new Operating Rooms


The initial planning for the surgical suite renovation began in December 2007. The new surgical suite rooms will range in size from 570 square feet to 840 square feet. Not only will the new OR rooms add significant more space, they will also feature the latest LED surgical lights, equipment booms and monitor arms.


Equipment booms allow equipment to be suspended from the ceiling virtually eliminating cords on the floor. Eliminating cords on the floor translates into a safer work environment as cords represent a considerable trip hazard. The surgical suite renovation project marries increased safety with improved functionality and innovation for our patients and staff.

The renovation consists of six phases to minimize the impact on the day-to-day operations of the surgical suite. Many disciplines and departments have been and will continue to be involved in the process. The phasing plans were detailed, carefully planned, and meticulously orchestrated to ensure the availability of 12 operating rooms and one c-section room at any given time. As one new OR room is opened another is decommissioned in the renovation process.

The planned completion of the surgical suite renovation is set for July of 2012. The picture to the right was taken when the first new OR room was opened and serves as a great example of the existing new environment in the surgical suite that CVMC is creating.