Models for EBP & Education Opportunities

The rate at which research is published is phenomenal making it nearly impossible for healthcare providers to remain abreast of the growing body of evidence. We live in a global world where cutting edge research is being conducted in many countries, yet implementing best evidence does not keep pace with scientific discovery. In fact, it is common for many years to pass before practice changes.

So how does one keep his/her practice current?  Evidence-Based Practice. altEBP allows you to provide the highest quality healthcare for patients.  The CVMC Model for EBP delineates the steps of the evidence-based practice process.  This model provides a framework for initiating the evidence-based process to evaluate a practice intervention. The Art of EBP and the Patient Perspective are both depicted in the Trinity EBP model, which shows how clincial research is coupled with caring practice & expertise and with patient perspectives & expectations.

Learn more by participating in interactive educational courses sponsored by the Research & Evidence-Based Practice Council: EBP, Research & QI: Is there a difference?, Let’s Get Cooking With EBP, PICO: The Key Ingredient, Searching Literature, Appraising Evidence, Basic STATS Series (101-301), and Intermediate STATS (401-501). Dates and times of course offerings are listed in the HealthStream® catalog. Register online. Additional independent learning opportunities can be accessed from the links provided below.

CVMC Model for EBP … process steps of evidence-based practice
Trinity EBP … conceptual model depicting the Art of EBP and the Patient Perspective
University of Minnesota
Centre for Evidence Based Medicine