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poster(1)Other clinicians and hospitals benefit from research findings and EBP outcomes when the data is disseminated externally. CVMC nurses are encouraged to submit abstracts for review to regional and national conferences. Click on the titles below to view presentations of research studies and evidence-based practice initiatives. The Department for Research and EBP provides assistance with statistical analysis and manuscript composition. Click on the citations listed to link to articles published by CVMC nurses.

EBP Poster Presentations

Creating a Safe Practice Environment: Elimination of Mandatory Overtime in the PACU
Stomping Out Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections
Morse Fall Scale Cutoff Scores to Predict Inpatient Falls
Standardized Postoperative Order Set for Patients Receiving Intraoperative Injectable Cocktails
Post-Implementation Analysis of a Revised Fall Prevention Program at a Magnet Community Hospital
Healthcare-Associated MRSA Analysis
Safety: A Priority in the Inpatient Mental Health Setting
Comparative Analysis of Patient Falls in Psychiatric and Medical Populations at a Community Hospital
An Evaluation of Medical Patient Falls Contributing to Revision of the Hospital Fall Prevention Policy
Glycemic Control in Critically Ill Patients via Computer Algorithm Program: An EBP Innovation Project
Effectiveness of a Novel Pediatric Obesity Prevention Program on Endurance & Flexibility
Feeding Readiness for Preterm Infants
Let’s Get Cooking with EBP
Education Initiatives: A Community Hospital’s Approach to Evidence-Based Nursing Practice and Research

Research Poster Presentations

Linkage between Documented Patient Observations and Aggressive Incidents in an Acute Care Hospital Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
Impact of an Inpatient Psychiatric Exercise Program on Patient-Perceived Anxiety, Falls, Violent Events and Patient Satisfaction Scores
Impact of a No Interruption Zone on Nursing Interruptions While Administering Medication
Effects of Group Prenatal Care Participation on Weight Gain during Pregnancy
Evaluation of the Coping with Labor Algorithm as an Effective pain management tool in laboring women
Controlled Breathing With or Without Peppermint Aromatherapy for Postoperative Nausea and/or Vomitting Sympton Relief: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Comparison of Temporal Artery and Rectal Thermometry Measurements in Pediatric Emergency Department Patients
Comparative Evaluation of the Physical Environment’s Effect on Mood & Anxiety
Rapid Response Team Impact on Mortality and Nursing Efficacy
The Impact of Music on the PACU Patient’s Perception of Discomfort
Fatigue and Perioperative Nurse Charting Errors: The Impact of a Reduced Call ScheduleThe Day My Patient Fell: A Nurse’s Perspective
The Day My Patient Fell: A Nurse’s Perspective

QI Poster Presentations

Creating a Climate for Inquiry at the Frontline of Patient Care
Suicide Prevention Outside the Psychiatric Department
PSI: Patient Safety Investigators

Publication Citations

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