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Patient Satisfaction and Quality 2012

by Lisa Wike, MSN, RN-BC


Lisa_WikePatient satisfaction is a top priority at CVMC and plays a key role in quality measurement. Our goal is to provide each patient with a positive hospital experience that is patient-centered.
The hospital utilizes Press Ganey ® for reporting patient satisfaction data. Randomly selected patients provide essential feedback and scores of their hospital experience upon discharge. Each service area has survey questions geared for each specific patient population. These include inpatient, inpatient behavioral health, emergency department, ambulatory services and outpatient services.

Leadership across the organization utilizes these valuable opinions to sustain and/or improve patient satisfaction scores. Patient satisfaction is discussed by a variety of venues. Examples include Patient Satisfaction Committee and management meetings, leadership huddles and interdepartmental meetings. In addition, data is discussed quarterly at the Nurse Leadership Council. This council, which meets bi-weekly,  consists of nursing administrators and directors. Patient satisfaction is reviewed quarterly to identify trends and monitor progress towards defined targets and goals.
At the unit level, dashboards are displayed and presented at staff meetings. Data is reviewed for identification of significant trends and monitoring of the progression of action plans and/or improvement initiatives.

One example of patient satisfaction within the inpatient area is “Nursing Care”. This section within the Press Ganey® survey focuses on” how well” the hospital met the patient’s needs on the following nurse sensitive questions:

1) Friendliness /courtesy of nurses
2) Promptness/response to call button
3) Nurses attitude towards requests
4) Attention paid to special needs
5) Nurses kept you informed
6) Skill of the nurses

Patient Satisfaction ‘At a Glance’



The graph shown above displays nursing care scores for selected inpatient units. For each of the four quarters, the birthing center, KAT, ortho and telemetry units outperformed our national benchmark Ortho_Bannerfor like- size hospitals.

Special recognition is given to nursing units that achieve a score of 90 or above. Banners are displayed monthly on units when these scores are achieved. The KAT, ortho, telemetry units obtained scores greater than 90 for each quarter in 2012.

The ortho unit proudly displayed their banner for 11 of 12 months during 2012.

In addition to patient satisfaction, another critical component to overall organizational success utilizes quality measures/indicators. All of us are familiar with the efforts to measure, manage, and eliminate or reduce the ocurrence of these events: falls, HAPU (hospital aquired pressure ulcers), VAP (ventilator asscoiated pneumonia) to name just a few. The table below shows CVMC’s developmenet selected areas over the course of the past three years.

Quality ‘At a Glance’