Ensuring CVMC Isn’t ‘Falling Behind’ on Falls


CVMC Falls Team

by Adina Andreu, MS, CNM, RN, NEA-BC

The Catawba Valley Medical Center Falls Team is made up of very committed clinical unit representatives that work to identify strategies to reduce patient/visitor falls within our organization. During monthly meetings, the team discusses recent evidence-based journal articles, analyzes monthly falls data, reviews post fall documentation and deep dive results. The cumulative information is then evaluated to identify potential approaches that can help us reduce patient/visitor falls.

Data presented here depicts the number of patient falls since 2008, and the proportion of inpatient falls for 2010 – 2012. While we have an overall downward trend, we continue to strive for improvement.

One of the trends identified in the past year was the number of falls that occurred due to visitors fainting. A flyer was designed and dispatched to nursing units to alert staff of this trend. Another educational opportunity was identified when the team evaluated the number of patients that fell, or were assisted to the floor, while staff transferred the patient from one piece of furniture to another. With the efforts of the falls team, safe transfer education will be added to the bariatric education that is planned for July – November 2013.

Falls Visitor_Falls

Goals for 2013

The Falls Team will work to reinforce identified falls reduction strategies including:

  • Purposeful rounding
  • Scheduled toileting for patients including prior to administration of pain medication
  • Helping nurses become more comfortable with staying with patients during toileting
  • Rapid responses to patient who request getting out of bed for any reason, and
  • Completion of the debriefing tool following every in-patient fall; submitted to unit leadership and attached to the i-Sight report.


Total number of falls over time (2008 – 2012)