Nursing Intranet Link Enhancement

Nursing Intranet Link Enhancement

2009 brought changes to the CVMC Intranet page with a new design to make the site more user-friendly. With these changes, the Nursing link was also restructured.



A nursing communications team, led by Susan Bumgarner, MSN, RN-BC, Administrator Adult Medical-Surgical and Critical Care, offered suggestions for items to include on the nursing page to improve communication to staff. Additions to the page included a section entitled “Catawba Nurse News”, otherwise know as “CNN”. This section includes messages from the CNO; information about Magnet Designation; Meditech Electronic Documentation updates; the staff education calendar; and policy summaries. With the edition of the Meditech updates and the policy summaries, staff is able to have these reminders at their fingertips as a resource to access at their convenience.

In addition, more resources for staff, including the CVMC Bedside Ethics Tool and the Decision Tree for Delegation to UAP, were added beneath the Scopes and Standards section.

The section for Professional Nursing Practice was improved so documents were easier to locate. These include links to nursing policies and the nursing annual report, as well as Professional Practice Model and Shared Governance information. Additionally, all PEP policies and forms are located in one convenient place.

powered_byAnother valuable addition to the nursing link was the inclusion of the Wound and Skin Resources section. This contains information on the various Therapeutic Beds available for patients and the Wound Staging Guidelines.

The nursing page on the Intranet is a continual “work in progress” and with the intranet re-design in 2010, the page will transform with a new look. This page is for nursing and it should be user friendly, so any suggestions for additions or improvements to the page are welcome. Please send suggestions to Miriam Jolly, Director Professional Nursing Practice.